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ATF is the market leader when it comes to Height Safety Edge Protection for the Industrial, Commercial and Residential building industries.

Alternatives to Ground Up Scaffold

What do you do for job sites that require the ability to work at heights but scaffold isn't an option?

  • Scaffold is impossible to erect
  • Scaffold required for the entire job is too expensive

Our Solutions

  • Our products can be installed around the upper floor without obstructing any lower roof works
  • Frame carpenters are able to install roof trusses safely, without having to walk around top plates
  • Our platform systems can be installed on existing houses for re-gutter/re-roof, even with minimum access around the house.
  • Suitable for a wide range of construction; such as timber frame, steel frame and even concrete tilt slabs
  • The product benefits all trades as we do not block any access to the site. Our products are secured to existing structures
  • A cheaper alternative to ground up for fascia gutter and roof replacement.
Guardrail Clamp On System

The Guardrail Clamp On System provides valuable fall protection in those places where traditional systems fail to attach.

The ease of application allows for installations free from damage to the host materials and with the confidence of a strong handrail.

The Clamp-On System is used on the top of concrete parapet walls or the edge of cantilever slab floors and is adjustable from 100mm to 300mm to suit the thickness of walls or slabs.

Guardrail Edge Safe System

Edge Safe is manufactured with the safety of carpenters in mind.

This system is easily installed and removed in a day, complementing the construction or maintenance process by providing safety with the speed of installation and dismantle.

In a time where construction and maintenance deadlines are imperative to cost effective building, we like to work in with the client to ensure nobody is left waiting for their safety systems.

The Edge Safe System installation compliments our Void Protection installation to provide a complete safety feature.

Guardrail Perimeter System

These applications can vary due to site conditions and building methods making them an adaptable solution to all your building needs. The combination of our experienced installers and the universal nature of these systems provide safety to any person accessing the roof.

Commercial metal roofers work effortlessly in and around the Guardrail Perimeter System, not being constrained by the dangers of an open edge.

The Guardrail Perimeter System fits all commonly used steel structures in the industrial and commercial sectors. The clamps are designed to attach to purlins, girts and fascia steel while not impeding the laying of roofing sheets.

Guardrail Deck Set System

ATF Height Safety stocks large quantities of this Guardrail System enabling us to cater for vast span distances. This allows the construction to continue free from the interruptions of multiple installation and removals to keep up with construction.

The Deck Set System may be used for edge protection, maintenance or as a barricade to designate a loading area, or a ‘NO GO’ zone.

Guardrail Re-Roof System

In an environment where we are encouraged to use the likes of solar power, there is an increased need to access existing as well as new roof construction.

The Guardrail Re-Roof System allows protection for solar panel installation, roof maintenance and repair, air conditioning maintenance and the complete replacement of existing metal roofs.

Whether flat or pitched roofs, this application is suited to various metal roof profiles.

The function of Guardrail Re-Roof is to be able to slide one post at a time out of the way, so that roof sheets can be moved or replaced, while leaving the Guardrail System intact to provide protection for the roof worker.

Installation and dismantling requires a competence certificate for the safe installation/dismantling work practices, so there is no risk of falling.

Concrete & Brick Bolt On System

Some site situations require an adaptable handrail system that can be used from the side as well as underneath if required. This is a system that has evolved into some very creative applications addressing unique site issues allowing the construction process to flow smoothly.

The Concrete Bolt-On System is used on tilt up panels whereby the roof and gutter extends over the panel. This system allows the laying of roof sheets, flashing and gutters to be completed while the fall protection stays in place.

Concrete & Brick Bolt Down System

A simple and effective perimeter system providing both visual and physical barriers for edge protection on commercial and industrial sites.

Differing from the Bolt-On System, the Guardrail Concrete & Brick Bolt Down System is fixed to a slab floor. This system also allows the laying of roof sheets flashing and gutters to be completed while the fall protection stays in place.

Parapet Clamp System

Used to provide edge protection on balconies allowing the early removal of external scaffolding.

This Clamp on System is also used on the top of concrete parapet walls and is adjustable from 100mm to 450mm.

Concrete bolt on Concrete bolt on
Commercial guardrail Commercial guardrail
kliplock kliplock
top plate for steel frames top plate for steel frames
on roof guardrail with unimesh on roof guardrail with unimesh
kliplock bracket kliplock bracket
concrete bolt down with mesh panel concrete bolt down with mesh panel

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