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Void Protection Solutions

ATF Void Protection ensures workers, such as painters, carpenters, electricians and plasterers, are safe when working around unprotected stair voids.

Rated to carry a 225kg Load Limit, ATF Void Protection ensures that a person cannot fall from above the void area, as well as into the void area. This system allows the area under the void to remain open and clear of scaffolding and comes with a secure ladder that is locked into place. This is the only 100% correct method of filling the void area and required by SafeWork.

ATF Void Protection solutions can be tailored to suit any domestic, industrial or swimming pool sites.

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ATF Void Protection is installed into the void areas of commercial buildings like lift shafts and stairwells. As with some areas of residential construction, Industrial Void Protection can be installed into concrete and brickwork.

ATF Industrial Void Protection avoids the need for using ground up scaffold, saving the principal contractor considerable time and money without compromising safety; it also allows tradesmen to work confidently and safely from the platforms without having to navigate scaffold legs.


Residential Stair Void Protection is installed at the earliest point in the construction process, directly after the joists and other load bearing members have been installed, and before the upper flooring are laid. This provides a safe working environment for the framing carpenter and his team.

The system allows for the installation of gyprock and plasterboard without leaving large patch areas. It has been praised as very ‘construction friendly’ as well as addressing all Workplace Health & Safety risks relating to fall protection and working at heights.

Whilst primarily utilised in timber framed residential construction, ATF Services has successfully formulated Void Protection solutions into brick and concrete host material to suit construction in multiple states of Australia and New Zealand.

Access Ladders

As part of the service, ATF Services also supplies Access Ladders with all Void Protection systems installed.

Safe access and egress to the first floor is essential and with ATF Void Protection we guarantee this by using fit for purpose aluminium ladders that complement the void protection system.

Pool Void Protection

Concrete pools under construction present a safety risk from falling if left uncovered.

It's quite common for pool construction to be stopped to allow for the new home construction to take precedence, or possibly the site access prevents pool excavation to be completed, or draining and repair work to a pool may require a void safety solution when the pool is emptied for an extended period.

ATF Pool Void Protection is the simple, effective answer to cover the pool shell protecting the public until the work resumes.

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