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Security for your Container, Shed Or Office Door. Security Multi-Sensor. ATF Vision

Security Multi-Sensor

An intelligent wireless alarm. 10 minute installation.

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Quick & Easy Installation
Extra Security for your Container, Shed Or Office Door

Within just 10 minutes ATF vision can help you secure your assets.

Watch the video to see how simple it is to stick the sensor to a wall and pair with your mobile phone using our free app.

Multi-Sensor Features For Your Wireless Alarm

Security for your Container, Shed Or Office Door. Security Multi-Sensor with free mobile app to receive alerts. ATF Vision
  • Indoor Or Outdoor

    Quick and easy to set up and install with no wiring required.

  • Multiple Sensors

    Motion, audio, vibration and anti-mask detection with a radius of more than 10 metres. Deterrent warning light and buzzer included.

  • Smartphone App

    Real time notification via Smart Phone App including a multi-user alert network

  • IoT Technology

    No 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi required. Uses new IoT technology.

5 Built-In Sensors
No External Power Source Needed

Designed to be as secure as possible and easy to install. With 5 independent built-in sensors, you can relax knowing your assets are being monitored.

Simply turn the device on, pair it with your mobile phone using our free app and stick it to a wall. Within 10 minutes you have a security system.

The device runs on just 4 AA batteries for up to a year. No external power source, wiring, 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi required.

Manage Your Security
Get Notified via the Free Smartphone App

Receive real-time notifications via the free app and e-mail. Notifications can be shared with multiple users.

  • Adjust the sensor settings to suit your location
  • Monitor your site’s activity wherever you are
  • View all alerts instantly

The Security Multi-Sensor is ideal for...


Site Offices
Storage Containers
Temporary Sites


Vacant Buildings


Machinery Sheds
Remote Buildings
Fuel Tanks


Garages and Storage Areas
Outdoor Areas
Homes and Holiday Homes