Secure Door Sensor


Secure Door Sensor


Perfect for extra protection on your gate, machinery door or any doors on your site office, remote sheds, containers and garages. No power or wifi connection required and receive alerts of unexpected movement directly to your phone. 

With less than 10 minutes setup time you have an extra security sensor for your important assets.


Our Secure Door Sensor (SDS) can message you when it sensors any unexpected access through a door or gate. 

No Wifi or power connection required and less than 10 minute setup time - just pair the SDS device with the app and attach to the back of your door.

All without the need of a WiFi connection - perfect for home, sheds, work-place doors, containers, garages, gates, caravans, storage or power boxes.


  • Our device sends you alerts to your phone using the IoT network
  • This network has the same coverage as the 3G/4G network – with the difference being that the IoT network is used to send small data packets (like text messages, app alerts & emails) and to reduce battery usage.
  • No power connection required.
  • Because of the low power used on the IoT network, the device can stay charged for up to one year on batteries. You will also receive an alert on your smartphone when the battery is getting low.

The STS Wireless Door Sensor is always ready when it's needed most.

  • The device is approximately the size of a credit card and built with tough, durable and weather resistant materials for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The STS free smartphone app is available on Android and iPhone.
  • Setup is as easy as entering the serial code into the app and attaching the device ot the back of your door.

Simple 10 minute setup.

  • You will receive an alert to your paired devices when someone opens/enters your door or gate  - keeping you constantly connected to your important assets.
  • Our devices are ready for hire and active on the IoT network when you receive them.
  • No connection or seperate fees.
  • Simply sync to your smart phone and the sensor is ready to protect your assets - less than 10 minutes to setup.
  • This makes STS a very cost efficient, long lasting and easy to setup wireless door sensor.
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Motion Sensors
Extra Security for your Container, Shed or Office Door

Compliment the ATF cameras with a Motion Sensor or Door Sensor to maximise protection against theft. Attach sensor to your container, office door or any area that needs extra security. Easy 10 minute setup.

Other Upgrades...
Third Party Monitoring & Number Plate Recognition

Compliment the V8000, V4000, V3000 & V2000 with third party monitoring and/or number plate recognition to maximise the security of your building or civil site.

Why it's important to secure your assets


More likely to experience theft or vandalism with $1m annual turnover


Reported stolen equipment is from depots & yards

66% of vandalism victims experience more than one incident

68% experience theft of equipment in the construction industry

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