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Our wireless security camera installations are the perfect option to monitor your site or event and allow you to access footage at any stage throughout the project via our customised smartphone app.

Time-lapse compilations can be produced with footage from the V8000, V4000 and V3000 ATF Vision cameras.

Showcase your project or event

  • Construction progress
  • Promote to clients and investors
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Compliance and reporting

Suitable for

  • Civil works
  • Construction sites
  • Home renovations
  • Mine sites
  • Festivals and events
  • Dispute resolution

Secure your assets with ATF Vision’s Intelligent Security Solutions.



Time Lapse features

  • High definition
  • Cloud based image storage
  • Access to images at any stage of project

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more likely to experience theft or vandalism with $1m annual turnover

68% experience theft of equipment in the construction industry


Reported stolen equipment is from depots & yards

66% of vandalism victims experience more than one incident