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Why choose ATF Working Platform solutions?

5 plank Working Platforms

 ATF is the market leader when it comes to Working Platforms for the Industrial, Commercial and Residential building industries.

ATF products have been recognised throughout the industry and awarded by key industry bodies such as Work Cover, Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Association.

Our range of working platforms is adaptable to cover all areas on your building site and includes:

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Light Duty Working Platforms

Easy to use, lightweight working platform systems are designed for the safety of carpenters, plumbers and roof tilers.

Manufactured from commercial strength high-grade aluminium, ATF Services work platforms are strong, light, easy to manage and utilise a multiple plank walk-way system. This ensures builders convenience during the framing stage, increasing productivity and on site Occupational Health & Safety.

For industrial or commercial buildings ATF Services can tailor a solution to suit any requirement.

Block Wall System

This platform system was developed for block wall constructions.

Whether core filled (solid wall) or not, the Block Wall system provides you with a light duty working platform.

Domestic Braced System

The Braced system is designed specifically for the installation of roof trusses. The system is totally self-supporting and independent of the wall framing, ensuring walls remain plumb and square.

Frame carpenters are able to install roof trusses safely without having to walk around top plates. This unique system saves both time and money.

Overhang Platform

In contrast to the standard Platform system, the Overhang Platform is designed to be installed after brickwork is completed.

Adjustable Plank Support

Platform can be secured to existing roofs with up to a 36 degree pitch using Adjustable Plank Supports (APS).

They are ideal for renovations, extensions and articulated designs, improving access and minimising costs, and can be applied to a wide variety of applications. The APS system provides an ergonomic working platform that protects the existing roof cover.

Ladder access points can be used to provide easier access and egress to the working platform.

2, 3 & 5 Plank Systems

Domestic platform systems are designed to reduce labour and hire costs as well as providing safety.

The system cantilevers off the building frame, thus eliminating the need to scaffold from the ground up. This creates significant savings when compared to full perimeter scaffolding. The ground area is then open for all other trades to access the building, providing a much safer work environment.

The working platform provides a safe, secure working area for truss, fascia and gutter, roof installation, as well as some cladding systems.

The adjustable arms and posts also provide great versatility, catering for various eave widths and platforms can be planked out up 2, 3 or 5 planks wide.

5 plank Working Platforms
backbrace Working Platforms
3 plank edge protection Working Platforms
Working Platforms
Working Platforms

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