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Residential Height Safety Systems

Residential Height Safety Systems. first floor edge protection. Stay safe with ATF Services with 20+ years experience

Residential Height Safety Systems


ATF Services is the market leader when it comes to Height Safety Edge Protection for the Industrial, Commercial and Residential building industries.

ATF Residential Height Safety Systems:

Note: Some ATF Residential Height Safety products are not available in QLD.


What do you do for job sites that require the ability to work at heights but scaffold isn't an option?

  • Scaffold is impossible to erect
  • Scaffold required for the entire job is too expensive

Our Solutions

  • Our height safety products can be installed around the upper floor without obstructing any lower roof works
  • Frame carpenters are able to install roof trusses safely without having to walk around top plates
  • Our platform height safety systems can be installed on existing houses for re-gutter/re-roof, even with minimum access around the house.
  • Suitable for a wide range of construction; such as timber frame, steel frame and even concrete tilt slabs
  • The product benefits all trades as we do not block any access to the site. Our products are secured to existing structures
  • A cheaper alternative to ground up for fascia gutter and roof replacement.

The Guardrail Clamp On Edge Protection System provides valuable fall protection in those places where traditional systems fail to attach.

The ease of application allows for installations free from damage to the host materials and with the confidence of a strong handrail.

The Clamp-On System is used on the top of concrete parapet walls or the edge of cantilever slab floors and is adjustable from 100mm to 300mm to suit the thickness of walls or slabs.

Edge Safe is manufactured with the safety of carpenters in mind. Fitted to the lower storey stud wall rising up and out, it is designed not to impede the installation of pozzi struts, laying of flooring and second storey wall installations.

This edge protection system is easily installed and removed in a day, complementing the construction process by providing safety with the speed of installation and dismantle.

In a time where construction deadlines are imperative to cost effective building, we like to work with the client to ensure nobody is left waiting for their safety systems.

The Edge Safe System installation coincides with our void protection installation to provide a complete second storey safety feature.

Over Rafter

The Guardrail Over Rafter Edge Protection System is designed for the safety of roof tilers and fits to the rafter and penetrates the roof, just above and behind the fascia.

This system provides fall protection as well as the freedom to work in and around the tiling application. This edge protection can easily be dismantled at the completion of the tiling without leaving larger areas unfinished.

Not only a roof tiling necessity but one that provides optimum safety for fall protection.

Under Rafter

The Guardrail Under Rafter Edge Protection System is fitted to the rafters or studs.

The Guardrail comes under and around the fascia, not hindering the laying of the roof, whether it is tiles or metal.

Importantly, this application protects the worker and prevents damage to the fascia and gutter that has already been installed. It also allows the roof tiling to be fully completed without any interruption to the installation as the system comes from beneath the rafters.

The Pole Edge Protection System has been designed specifically for the re-roof market to allow restoration and repair work to be carried out unhindered. It is installed off the roof allowing totally clear access while providing full protection.

Add Camera Surveillance to Maximise Protection...

Outdoor Solar Surveillance System

Solar powered security camera system perfect for securing your high-value assets and property on large construction and civil work sites.

This dual focus system with interchangeable lenses and infrared lights ensures coverage for every situation and application… day and night!

Outdoor Solar Surveillance Camera

Solar powered camera system perfect for securing small to medium construction sites, residential home builders, illegal dumping sites, or events.

With two options, the single lens is ideal for monitoring small to medium spaces, while the dual lens is perfect for larger areas.

Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

Ideal for monitoring sites with access to power. Secure your warehouses, factories, homes & yards, car parks, car yards, schools, construction sites and more.

The low powered wall mounted V3000 video security camera unit features a dual view system with interchangeable lenses and infrared capacity to ensure your valuables are monitored 24/7.

Why it's important to secure your assets


More likely to experience theft or vandalism with $1m annual turnover


Reported stolen equipment is from depots & yards

66% of vandalism victims experience more than one incident

68% experience theft of equipment in the construction industry

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